Forty Love Point

Forty Love Point Home Owner's Association Located on Lake Murray, in Chapin, South Carolina 

Covenants & By Laws for all phases of Forty Love Point (FLP)

Although each owner with questions should feel free to coordinate with its counsel for questions, the documents attached that are titled Covenants Phase I and Covenants Phase II apply to all three phases. 

The document attached that is titled Covenants Phase III applies only to Phase 3. If you have a question about which phase you are in, please check your deed.

FLP By-Laws also apply to ALL homes in Forty Love Point.

Annual FLP HOA dues for 2021 is $341 per home, and $150 for annual boat storage spots.  There is a non-refundable $100 application fee for each spot, and the annual dues for each spot is $150; $250 total is due at the time of initial registration.    Annual dues must be paid by January 1st every year. 


Closing Attorneys: You must email the FLP Treasurer 10 business days before closing to receive your estoppel letter; the fee for this is $200, paid by the buyer.  

For ARC questions, please contact
 Joe Barkevich - ARC

Boat Storage Policy

Boat Storage Policy - Forty Love Point Association, Inc.

Please read the following rules and regulations before filling out the application for a boat storage slot. 

Boat storage spaces are available for rental on a first come first serve basis to Forty Love Point Residents ONLY. Storage spaces can be assigned based on boat size, but a certain spot is not guaranteed. There is a non-refundable $100 application fee for each slot, and the annual dues for each slot is $150; $250 total is due at the time of registration for each slot. 

Any boat, trailer, personal watercraft, camper, etc. that is stored in this area MUST be registered to the resident that is applying for the boat storage slot, and must be registered with the Forty Love Homeowner’s Association. Residents must fill out an update form if they sell a registered item or purchase a new item to be stored in the boat storage area. This is for Forty Love Point residents ONLY. 

Boat storage spaces are non-transferable when a resident sells their home or lot. These storage spaces are rental units and renters have no ownership of the spaces. Every item stored must have a visible numbered Forty Love Point sticker and must be registered with the Forty Love Point Homeowners Association. The number on the sticker must coincide with the boat storage spot that is assigned. If you sell or purchase new items, you must notify the FLP HOA and update your records.

Due to lack of space, only one storage slot is allowed per lot owned (some residents have more than one slot and they will be able to keep their spots until they move or forfeit one or both.) Residents are assigned a spot number and may not park in any other spot.  Failure to comply will result in towing at the owner's expense and forfeiting storage spots and privileges.

Loss of space can occur for non-payment of fees, compromising the security of the area, and misuse of space: Example – a resident may not store trash or items other than boats trailers, and recreational vehicles (no automobile storage), and all items must be in working condition. *Business items (construction and/or landscaping materials) may not be stored in the boat storage area

The gate to the storage area and boat launch must be locked upon leaving. Overnight parking at the boat launch area, on the dock or on land, is not allowed.

All enforcement and operations fall under the general administration of the Forty Love Point Association, Inc. A.k.a. Forty Love Point Home Owners’ Association, FLP HOA.  The FLP HOA board reserves the right to modify the rules or fees associated with the boat storage at any time.

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